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The Realm Legends is written and illustrated by Chris Mitchell. Born in Stirling, Scotland he had a love of drawing and telling stories from a very early age, creating many of the characters that would eventually appear in the Realm Legends books when he was only eight. He took inspiration from family members, life experiences, his historical Scottish heritage and surrounding, encompassing them into a fantasy world. He was supported and motivated at school, where teachers recognised his talents for drawing at a very early age.

He is passionate for children to discover the delights of creativity through education and tours around schools, libraries and book festivals with The ‘Realm Tour’ - which encourages children to use their own imagination through reading, story telling, illustration and drama… he has even visited a woman’s prison!

Book 3

The Realm Team

Special thanks to Lisa Sharp, Darren Donaldson, Adrian Ritchie, Margaret LeLievre, Margaret Mitchell, Waterstones Stirling, Louise Graham, Julie Dell, George Barron, Elizabeth Farr and Stirling Council Libraries for their support of The Realm Legends and all its events.

The battle of good against evil is at the heart of all great stories.

The Ancient Book of Realm Prophecies predicts that seven brave warriors will free the Realm from the evil clutches of Annie Revoltful and the Trolls.

Get to know some background information on the Realm's heroes and other creatures they meet while on their journey...

(This section is under construction. Character illustrations and descriptions will be updated soon...)



Since we began the Realm Tour in 2011, we have visited many schools, libraries, community centres and even a prison!

All of our appearances have had very positive feedback. If you are a fan of encouraging the imagination through storytelling, illustration and drama, you do not want to miss out!

Book 1

The Realm Tour

Book 2

Zak and Rocky always wondered why they and their mother Betty were the last of the once peaceful and brave Gremlins.

On their first day of Realm lessons at the Great
Learning Tree they meet Lucy, a young Forest Rat
girl who tells them that the mysterious Rat Elders
are hiding many secrets from their past.

Determination to uncover the secrets soon leads
the young cubs into a terrifying Goblin graveyard.
Once there, trouble soon follows when Zak is
kidnapped by an evil Troll warrior and taken to be
the prisoner of the deadly dark witch Annie

Now its up to his mother Betty, brother Rocky, Lucy
and her brave father Ralf to begin a legendary
journey through the enchanted Realm to save him...

It is a time of great darkness for the creatures of the enchanted Realm. The evil dark witch Annie Revoltful has invaded and with her army of bloodthirsty Trolls, brought corruption to the once peaceful Realm.

Using her black magic, she continues her search for the sacred pendant - the Crest of Power - to use its magic for her own selfish purposes.

Amidst the suffering however, hope remains. The Ancient Book of Realm Prophecies has foretold that seven brave warriors will rise up, fight the evil and once again restore peace to the Realm...

Many schools we have visited have showed incredible talent for drawing and storytelling! Check out the gallery to see if you can spot your Realm Legends artwork and photos from our visit to your school!

​Please submit any of your drawings and photos online and we'll do our best to feature your work in the gallery...

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the characters you read about in your favourite books could come to life?

Well wonder no more...This year, The Realm Legends Author and Illustrator Chris Mitchell, will be going on tour with some very special surprises. Starring Julie Dell as Annie Revoltful, Darren Donaldson as General Boak and Zak the Gremlin.

Hear excerpts from the book, learn to draw the characters step by step and witness a very special interactive scene acted out. Are you brave enough to meet Annie Revoltful?

With the Crest of Power now in her hands, the evil Annie Revoltful wastes no time in returning to her mighty Castle in the Lava Mountains where she makes final preparations for the return to her own dimension.

Meanwhile, Betty, Rocky and Zak believe all hope of restoring peace to the Realm has failed. Their only hope lies in trying to locate the powerful Guardians of the Universe and pray their magic can rid the Realm of Annie Revoltful, once and for all...  ​


The Realm Legends is a cartoon fantasy series written and illustrated by Chris Mitchell. On this
website you will find all the information you need on the series and the promotion tour, latest
news and events. Books are available at Waterstones Stirling priced £5.99.

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